About Us

About the Company

Genova Biotech Pvt Ltd was founded in 2001, specializes in R&D of natural products for human and veterinary use. This was done in association with CSIR laboratories and AVRA labs which are of national repute. Genova has developed the extraction process and precise quantification method of Calcitriol from natural sources.


Our vision is to be a benchmark biotech company to develop and manufacture Natural Calcitriol and D derivatives from natural source with consistent quality. This shall be achieved by focusing on research and continuous process development adhering to quality management systems with the participation of all our employees.


To continue exploring new vistas of natural products with all their potential applications. Our mission is driven and supported by a distinguished clinical development team and advisors. We strive to ensure our B to B partners enjoy growing and sustainable profitability, our employees the opportunity for professional development with a healthy atmosphere of team work.